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Our comprehensive solutions address the evolving needs of patients and pharmacists.

On-demand pharmacy support

Patient care starts at home, so let's bring the pharmacy closer. Connect with your pharmacists through our inbuilt chat.


Never miss another medication with our reminders to take or re-order.

Delivery Service

After ordering or setting up a delivery subscription, we ensure that medications reach patients promptly, saving time and effort while promoting adherence.

Medication Journey Management

Patients stay seamlessly connected with pharmacists throughout their medication journey. This proactive approach allows personalized care, timely interventions, and improved patient outcomes.

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About Us

Our Mission

Caring for your loved ones is your passion, keeping them safe is ours.

Simplifying medication management

We know how complex medication can be, so we strive to develop solutions which bring pharmacists closer to patients and help them to receive the care they deserve.

Empowering Pharmacists to remain patient focused

We create software which ensures pharmacists can prioritise patients, not paperwork.

Embracing diversity and ability within disability

Securing employment can be challenging for individuals who are older or living with disabilities. Ohlive Health aims to re-integrate and empower these marginalized populations by fostering community connections. Through our inclusive approach, we provide employment opportunities within our delivery team, offering an accessible role that welcomes participation from individuals of all backgrounds.

Meet The Team

Sample avatar
Su Park

Co-founder, CEO

B.Pharmacy (USYD)
Community Pharmacist

Sample avatar
Ben van Magill

Co-Founder, CTO

PhD Candidate, Aeronautical Engineering (USYD)

Sample avatar
Jessie Han

Software Developer

B.Pharmacy (USYD)

Sample avatar
Harry Kang

Product Researcher

B.Pharmacy (USYD)

Sample avatar
Nixon Nip

Market Researcher

B.Pharmacy (USYD)
Community Pharmacist

Sample avatar
Valerie Vu

Admin Officer

Biomedical Engineer (USYD)

Our Advisory Board

Our distinguished Advisory Board is comprised of experienced leaders in healthcare, pharmacy, and technology. Each member brings unique expertise and perspectives to the table, providing invaluable guidance as we improve medication management and promote patient safety. We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated group on our team, and we look forward to their continued support and partnership in the future.

Sample avatar

Prof. Jae Heon Kang

  • Department of Family Medicine, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Seoul
  • Advisory Committee Member of South Korean Medication Safety Board
  • Senior Vice President of Korean Society for Digital Health
Sample avatar

Prof. Hong Ji Song

  • Department of Family Medicine, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital.
  • Advisory Committee Member of South Korean Medication Safety Board
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Associate Editor
  • Vice President of Korean Society for Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management

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